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Pre-marital Counseling or Pre-Commitment Therapy in Aurora

Many studies show that couples who participate in pre-marital counseling have longer and happier relationships than couples who don’t get pre-marital counseling.  Your primary intimate relationship is the most important relationship in your life, making sure it gets off to a solid start is a smart investment.  Marrying the right person and having the tools to make the relationship work are two of the main factors to a happy life.  Most couples spend a lot of time, energy, and money on making sure the wedding day is special, but making sure the relationship has the best possibility of success gives your relationship and your life the best chance for happiness. All relationships have unspoken rules and expectations in areas like who will do which household tasks, how will money be earned and spent, how much time will be spent together and apart, how much time will be spent with friends together and apart, what types of friends are okay to have, what kind of sex is appropriate and how often should it happen, what are the expectations in spending time with family, having children or not, who is primarily responsible for children and pets, who has the final say, what are the best ways in working out disagreements, and many more topics to consider. The number of sessions will vary depending on the couple, but you can expect to get the most benefit from 6 to 8 one hour sessions, so you can build a strong base for a loving, nurturing, and rewarding life together.

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