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Do Women Expect Too Much From Men

According the latest research as reported on by Kathryn Foster in her book, The Naked Truth About Men and Romance, men’s brains get a dose of female hormones when they first get into a relationship, which makes them good listeners with empathy; which is what most women want in their relationships with men. But then after the man’s brain gains the understanding that he’s won his sought after partner, then his brain switches back to normal and he actually has limited capacity for listening and empathy. But because he could show up as a good listener at the beginning of the relationship, women can feel hurt and disappointed when he appears to struggle with it later on. And men can feel confused and pressured to be something that they don’t really know how to be without those hormones giving them a boost.

But the disappointment is real, leaving many women to wonder how to proceed forward in the relationship. Counseling can help. Contact Brenda at Heart of Life Counseling to find out more.