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Couples Counseling Services in Aurora, CO

Couple receiving anxiety counseling in Aurora, CO

When you feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing has helped! When you just can’t seem to get along or resolve your differences or get those loving feelings back again, it may be time to seek help from a professional.  Marriage counseling provides an unbiased perspective by a trained expert and it can make all the difference in the world, and can be just the help your relationship needs in order to get unstuck and feel good again.

Some common concerns I’ve helped couples with are:

  • We keep having the same argument over and over again.
  • I just found out my partner is having an affair, now what?
  • I don’t feel like I’m in love with my partner any more, can I get those feelings back?
  • My partner and I get so frustrated with each other and although we’ve tried, we can’t seem to discuss issues and resolve anything.
  •  My partner and I never talk about our feelings or our issues, and now I think we’re drifting apart.
  • I feel like my partner and I are living as roommates.
  • I feel so discouraged with what’s been going on, I’m not sure I even want to work on it.

Couples Therapy can help:

  • Improve communication so you both feel seen and heard.
  • Learn tools to use at home to handle conflicts more effectively.
  • Learn how to have greater intimacy and connection.
  • Help your relationship become better than it ever was before.

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What if my partner doesn’t want to come to counseling? The dynamics that happen between people are dependent on both people unconsciously or consciously agreeing to continue to do the behaviors that keep the dynamics going.  It’s a system like a mobile in which all the parts move if one part moves.  So when you change the thing that you do, then it impacts the whole system and your partner’s behavior can change too.   Don’t wait to get the relief you need, call 720-226-6731 and let’s get started on change.

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