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Brenda A. Smith, MA, LPC

Brenda is a professional licensed counselor located in Aurora Colorado. She enjoys providing her clients with the tools to be authentic and to face, and grow from, challenges from the past and present.

Her approach encompasses that nothing is off limits to explore. This is because everything come up for a reason and can be viewed as a “trailhead” to self-discovery.

For over 15 years Brenda Smith has been an active student of body-centered healing and spiritual practices. This has prepared her to offer support in an authentic and solid way in order to serve her clients in reaching their therapeutic goals. Having experienced the trials and tribulations of co-parenting, mothering a son with mental health issues, and being a single parent, as well as the pain of divorce and the struggle of hanging in there while healing relationship wounds. Brenda brings real life experience as well as specialized training to her work with couples and individuals. With a passion for issues related to anxiety, trauma, PTSD, grief, depression and relationships. Brenda brings a wealth of experience to her work with both individuals and couples.

Some of the tools she uses include:

  • Internal Family Systems / Inner parts
  • The Developmental Relationship Model
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • New Brain Science findings
  • EMDR
  • Body-Centered Inquiry
  • Attachment Healing
  • Mindfulness techniques.

While she has many tools available, she tailors her approach to fit the needs of each couple and individual client. Providing a safe and supportive relationship for you to explore your vulnerabilities, inner parts and patterns, and to improve your relational skills. She helps you process and understand your life challenges so that you can experience the healing power of true acceptance and high regard for your own journey. Call Brenda today and see how she can help you feel more authentic and capable in your life.

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